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Psychological Adjustment in Adult Adoptees: A Meta-Analysis. Susana Corral, Mar Herrero, Nerea Martín, Ane Gordejuela and David Herrero-Fernández.

Benefits of PsyCap Training on the Wellbeing in Military Personnel. Eduardo Hernández Varas and Mónica García Silgo.

Meta-analysis of the efficacy and effectiveness of Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for child behaviour problems. Luis Valero-Aguayo, María Rodríguez-Bocanegra, Rafael Ferro-García and Lourdes Ascanio-Velasco.

Perception of Health, Resilience, and Engagement in Spanish Police Officers During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Beatriz Talavera-Velasco, Lourdes Luceño-Moreno, Yolanda García-Albuerne and Jesús Martín-Garcías.

Perceived Attachment and Problematic Smartphone Use in Young People: Mediating Effects of Self-Regulation and Prosociality. Clara López-Mora, Gustavo Carlo, Joy Roos, Sahitya Maiya and Juan González-Hernández.

Web-based Training Program for Writing Instruction: Preservice Teachers' Beliefs Profiles and Their Satisfaction. Rocío C. Seoane, Juan E. Jiménez and Nuria Gutiérrez.

Adolescents' Attitudes to Bullying and its Relationship to Perceived Family Social Climate. María de la Villa Moral-Jiménez and Anastasio Ovejero-Bernal.

Persistence and Academic Expectations in Higher-Education Students. Maria Eugénia Ferrão and Leandro S. Almeida.

University Dropout in Engineering: Motives and Student Trajectories. Joana R. Casanova, Rosa Vasconcelos, Ana Bernardo and Leandro S. Almeida.

Valence, Arousal and Concreteness Mediate Word Association. Francisco Buades-Sitjar, Clara Planchuelo and Jon Andoni Duñabeitia.

Linguistic Competence in Early Childhood Education as a Predictor of Verbal Naming Speed. Encarnación Hernández-Pérez, José A. Rabadán-Rubio, Delia Cayuelas-Abellán, Arianna Giorgi and Ana Gallego-Martínez.

Context Properties Modulate Flavor Neophobia Habituation. Lucía Vicente and Luis Gonzalo de la Casa.


Validation of a Scale for Assessing Bystander Responses in Bullying. David Álvarez-García, Robert Thornberg and Zara Suárez-García.

A Proposal for Evaluating Psychosocial Trauma. Loreto Villagrán, Amalio Blanco Abarca, Julio Olea and Marián Bilbao.

Is Correcting for Acquiescence Increasing the External Validity of Personality Test Scores?. Ana Hernández-Dorado, Andreu Vigil-Colet, Urbano Lorenzo-Seva and Pere J. Ferrando.

Validation of the Explanations of Adolescent-to-Parent Violence Scale. Helena Cortina and Ana M. Martín.







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