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III Congreso Nacional de Psicología - Oviedo 2017
Universidad de Oviedo


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Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale IV - Spanish Version: Psychometric Properties. Ana Martinez Pampliega, Laura Merino Ramos, Leire Iriarte Elejalde, David and H. Olson

Comparison of methods for dealing with missing values in the EPV-R. David Paniagua, Pedro J. Amor, Enrique Echeburúa and Francisco J. Abad

Longitudinal effects of an intervention in perfectionism in a Portuguese adolescent’s sample. Carmen Bento, Ana Telma Pereira, Carolina Roque, Jorge Manuel Tavares Saraiva and António João Ferreira Macedo e Santos

The Distress Tolerance Scale: Psychometric properties of the Spanish version and its relationship with personality and psychopathological symptoms. Bonifacio Sandín, Jeffrey S. Simons, Rosa M. Valiente, Raluca M. Simons and Paloma Chorot

The HIDEA Scale, a New School-Based Screening Scale for Teachers to Detect ADHD Markers in Elementary Students. Javier Fenollar-Cortés, Joaquín Parra-Martínez, Encarnación Hernández-Pérez and José-Antonio Rabadán-Rubio

The role of self-referencing in true and false recognition in young and healthy older people. Alicia Sales, Alfonso Pitarque, Encar Satorres, Rita Redondo and Juan C. Meléndez

Meta-analysis of family-based selective prevention programs for drug consumption in adolescence. María Valero de Vicente, Lluís Ballester Brage, María del Carmen Orte Socías and Joan Alfred Amer Fenández

Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling (ESEM): Its Rationale and Applicability in Psychoeducational Contexts. Cristiano Gomes, Leandro Almeida and Jose Carlos Nuñez

Effects of temporal contexts and contextual habituation on latent inhibition. Andrés Molero-Chamizo and G. Nathzidy Rivera-Urbina

Cognitive techniques and language, a return to the behavioral origins. María Xesús Froján Parga, Miguel Núñez de Prado Gordillo and Ricardo de Pascual Verdú

Volunteer Functions Inventory: a systematic review. Fernando Chacón Fuertes, Gema Gutiérrez Merino, Verónica Sauto Fernández, María Luisa Vecina Jiménez and Alfonso Pérez Muñoz

Calibrating a New Item Pool to Adaptively Assess the Big Five. María Dolores Nieto, Francisco José Abad, Alejandro Hernandez-Camacho, Luis Eduardo Garrido, Juan Ramón Barrada, David Aguado and Julio Olea

The role of backward associative strength in false recognition of DRM lists with multiple critical words. María Soledad Beato Gutiérrez and Jason Arndt

Stress, competence, and parental educational practices in victims and aggressors of bullying and cyberbullying. Maite Garaigordobil and Juan Manuel Machimbarrena

Affective and physiological correlates of the perception of unimodal and bimodal emotional stimuli. Pedro Joel Rosa, Jorge Oliveira, Tagreed Alsulimani, Habib Fardoun and Pedro Gamito

The effect of interpersonal relationships on burnout syndrome in Compulsory Secondary Education teachers. Jesús Miguel Rodríguez-Mantilla and Mª José Fernández-Díaz

Lifetime victimization among Spanish adolescents. Sílvia Indias García and Joaquín De Paúl Ochotorena

The role of hopelessness and meaning in life in a clinical sample with non-suicidal self-injury and suicide attempts. Sandra Perez Rodriguez, Helio Marco Salvador and Joaquín García-Alandete

Pre-symptomatic testing for neurodegenerative disorders: middle- to long-term psychopathological impact. Susana Lêdo, Ângela Leite, Teresa Souto, Maria Alzira Pimenta Dinis and Jorge Sequeiros

Subtle and blatant perceived discrimination and well-being in lesbians and gay men in Spain: The role of social support. Fernando Molero, Prado Silván-Ferrero, María José Fuster-Ruiz de Apodaca, Encarnación Nouvilas-Pallejá and Daniel Pérez-Garín

Trustworthiness of a smile as a function of changes in the eye expression. Patricia Álvarez-Plaza, Laura Carqué, Andrés Fernández-Martín and Manuel G. Calvo

Assessing aging stereotypes: Personal Stereotypes, Self-Stereotypes and Self-perception of aging. Rocio Fernández-Ballesteros, Ricardo Olmos, Marta Santacreu, Antonio Bustillos, Rocio Schettini, Carmen Huici and José Manuel Rivera

Examining police officers’ response bias in judging veracity. Jaume Masip and Carmen Herrero

Psychometric properties of the Aggression Questionnaire: A replication in a sample of partner-assaultive men in psychological treatment. Natalia Redondo, M. Elena Peña, Jose Luis Graña and Jose Manuel Andreu

Spanish adaptation of the Patient Health Engagement scale (S.PHE-s) in a sample of chronic disease patients . Alejandro Magallares, Guendalina Graffigna, Serena Barello, Andrea Bonanomi and Edoardo Lozza

Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index for Children. José Fernández-Valdés, Aurora Gavino, Lidia Valderrama-Martos, Antonio Godoy and Jeff Laurent

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