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Development and validation of the Monopoly on Truth Scale. A measure of political extremism. Marcos Dono, Mónica Alzate, Gloria Seoane and José Manuel Sabucedo

Moral reasoning in adolescent offenders: a meta-analytic review. Laura Férriz Romeral, Jorge Sobral Fernández and Jose Antonio Gómez Fraguela

A study of the validity and reliability of the Parental Homework Management Scale . Jennifer Cunha, Jianzhong Xu, Pedro Rosário and José Carlos Núñez

Taste priming and cross-modal taste-olfactory priming in normal aging and in older adults with mild cognitive impairment . Amagoia Caballero, José Manuel Reales and Soledad Ballesteros

Brain disease or biopsychosocial model in addictions?  Remembering the Vietnam Veteran Study. Elisardo Becoña

Anomalies in the cognitive-executive functions in patients with Chiari Malformation Type I . José Luis Besteiro González and José María Torres Campa-Santamarina

Incidence, prevalence and risk factors related to anxiety symptoms during Pregnancy. Cristina Soto Balbuena, Maria de la Fe Rodríguez, Ana Isabel Escudero Gomis, Francisco Javier Ferrer Barriendos and Huynh-Nhu Le

Validation and psychometric properties of the Organizational Justice Scale in Spain. Ana M. Castaño and Antonio L. García-Izquierdo

Testing carer skill workshops in Spanish carers of patients with eating disorders. Yolanda Quiles Marcos, María José Quiles Sebastián, Marta Escolano Herrera, Ricardo San Martin and Janet Treasure

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