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Articles of 2013 . nº 2 .

EDITORIAL. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25 page 149-150.

Directrices para la traducción y adaptación de los tests: segunda edición. José Muñiz, Paula Elosua y Ronald K. Hambleton. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 151-157. [Abstract]
Dialectical behavioural therapy for oppositional defiant disorder in adolescents: A case series. José Heliodoro Marco, Azucena García-Palacios, and Cristina Botella,. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 158-163. [Abstract]
Controlling social desirability may attenuate faking effects:A study with aggression measures. Cristina Anguiano-Carrasco, Andreu Vigil-Colet and Pere Joan Ferrando. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 164-170. [Abstract]
Cluster A maladaptive personality patterns in a non-clinical adolescent population. Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero, Mercedes Paino, Marta Santarén-Rosell and Serafín Lemos-Giráldez. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 171-178. [Abstract]
Beliefs about the effects of social sharing of emotion in alexithymia. Francisco Martínez Sánchez, María Luisa Blanco Larrieux, Darío Páez Rovira and Daniel Costa Ball. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 179-184. [Abstract]
Effects of exposure to food images on physiological reactivity and emotional responses in women with bulimia nervosa. José Ramón Yela Bernabé, Mª Ángeles Gómez Martínez, María Cortés Rodríguez and Alfonso Salgado Ruiz. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 185-191. [Abstract]
Sources of perceived sociocultural pressure on physical self-concept. Arantzazu Rodríguez-Fernández, Óscar González-Fernández and Alfredo Goñi-Grandmontagne. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 192-198. [Abstract]
A predictive study of reading comprehension in third-grade Spanish students. Carmen López-Escribano, María Rosa Elosúa de Juan, Isabel Gómez-Veiga and Juan Antonio García-Madruga. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 199-205. [Abstract]
Peer bullying and disruption-coercion escalations in student-teacher relationship. María José Díaz-Aguado Jalón and Rosario Martínez Arias. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 206-213. [Abstract]
Organizational injustice: Third parties’ reactions to mistreatment of employee. Gabriela Topa, Juan A. Moriano and José F. Morales. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 214-221. [Abstract]
On the relationships between disgust and morality: A critical review. Antonio Olivera La Rosa and Jaume Rosselló Mir. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 222-226. [Abstract]
Why include phenomenological analysis in a Research Methods course?. Ana R. Delgado. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 227-231. [Abstract]
The factor structure of the Spanish version of the Work-Family Culture Scale in a sample of workers from the advertising sector. Marina Beléndez Vázquez, Marta Martín Llaguno and Alejandra Hernández Ruiz. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 232-237. [Abstract]
A new IRT-based standard setting method: Application to eCat-Listening. Pablo Eduardo García, Francisco José Abad, Julio Olea and David Aguado. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 238-244. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale in a Spanish sample of entrepreneurs. Guadalupe Manzano-García and Juan Carlos Ayala Calvo. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 245-251. [Abstract]
The MOOD Questionnaire: Adaptation and validation of the Spanish version. Ana Belén Górriz Plumed, Vicente Javier Prado-Gascó, Lidón Villanueva Badenes, Ana Ordóñez Lópezand Remedios González Barrón. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 252-257. [Abstract]
Spanish version of Bus Drivers’ Job Demands Scale (BDJD-24). Joan Boada-Grau, Aldo-Javier Prizmic-Kuzmica, Marcos-David González-Fernández and Andreu Vigil-Colet. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 258-265. [Abstract]
Development and Validation of the Family Motivational Climate Questionnaire (FMC-Q). Jesús Alonso Tapia, Cecilia Simón Rueda and César Asensio Fuentes. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 266-274. [Abstract]
Validation of the Scale of Preferences and Expectations in Close Interpersonal Relationships (EPERIC). Yolanda Fontanil, Esteban Ezama and Yolanda Alonso. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 275-281. [Abstract]

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