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Articles of 2013 . nº 3 .

Assessing the quality of tests: Revision of the EFPA review model. Arne Evers, José Muñiz, Carmen Hagemeister, Andreas Hstmælingen, Patricia Lindley, Anders Sjöbergand Dave Bartram. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 283-291. [Abstract]
Parental permissiveness, control, and affect and drug use among adolescents. Elisardo Becoña, Úrsula Martínez, Amador Calafat, José Ramón Fernández-Hermida, Montse Juan, Harry Sumnall, Fernando Mendes and Roman Gabrhelík . Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 292-298. [Abstract]
Evaluation of the cognitive-behavioral model of generalized and problematic Internet use in Spanish adolescents. Manuel Gámez-Guadix, Izaskun Orue and Esther Calvete. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 299-306. [Abstract]
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for drug abuse in incarcerated women. Patricia Villagrá Lanza and Ana González Menéndez. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 307-312. [Abstract]
Does adding pharmaceutical medication contribute to empirically supported psychological treatment for anxiety disorders?. Ignacio Fernández-Arias, Francisco J. Labrador, Francisco J. Estupiñá, Mónica Bernaldo de Quirós,Pablo Alonso, Carmen Blanco and Laura Gómez. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 313-318. [Abstract]
Effects of a reminiscence program among institutionalized elderly adults. Juan Carlos Meléndez-Moral, Laura Charco-Ruiz, Teresa Mayordomo-Rodríguez and Alicia Sales-Galán. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 319-323. [Abstract]
Factor structure and psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire (APQ) for children. Silvia Escribano, Jennifer Aniorte and Mireia Orgilés. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 324-329. [Abstract]
Predictors of burnout among nurses: An interactionist approach. Cristina Queiros, Mary Sandra Carlotto, Mariana Kaiseler, Sofia Dias and Ana Mónica Pereira. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 330-335. [Abstract]
The justification of illegal anti-ecological behavior. Ana María Martín Rodríguez, Cristina Ruiz Pacheco and Isabel Alonso Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 336-341. [Abstract]
How social desirability and acquiescence affect the age-personality relationship. Andreu Vigil-Colet, Fabia Morales-Vives and Urbano Lorenzo-Seva. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 342-348. [Abstract]
The biological family from the perspective of kinship fostered adolescents. Nuria Fuentes-Peláez, Pere Amorós, Ainoa Mateos, Mª Angels Balsells and Verónica Violant. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 349-354. [Abstract]
Olfactory preference for ethanol following social interaction with an intoxicated peer in adolescent rats exposed to ethanol in-utero. Samanta M. March, Ricardo M. Pautassi, Michael Nizhnikov, Juan Fernández-Vidal, Norman E. Spearand Juan C. Molina,. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 355-362. [Abstract]
Development and cross-national validation of the Emotional Effort Scale (EEF). Cristina Quiñones-García, Raquel Rodríguez-Carvajal, Nicholas Clarke and Bernardo Moreno-Jiménez. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 363-369. [Abstract]
Development and validation of a scale to identify attitudes towards disability in Higher Education. Alejandro Rodríguez Martín and Emilio Álvarez Arregui. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 370-376. [Abstract]
Spanish adaptation and validation of the Exercise Addiction Inventory (EAI). Álvaro Sicilia, Antonio Alías-García, Roberto Ferriz and Juan Antonio Moreno-Murcia. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 377-383. [Abstract]
Validity of a reading comprehension test for Portuguese students. Irene Cadime, Iolanda Ribeiro, Fernanda Leopoldina Viana, Sandra Santos, Gerardo Prieto and José Maia. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 384-389. [Abstract]
Invariance levels across language versions of the PISA 2009 reading comprehension tests in Spain. Paula Elosua Oliden and Josu Mujika Lizaso. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 390-395. [Abstract]
Sequential analysis of an interactive peer support group. Marina Roustan, Conrad Izquierdo Rodríguez and M. Teresa Anguera Argilaga. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 396-401. [Abstract]
Sample size requirements for interval estimation of the strength of association effect sizes in multiple regression analysis. Gwowen Shieh. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 402-407. [Abstract]
Consistency errors in p-values reported in Spanish psychology journals. José Manuel Caperos and Antonio Pardo. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 408-414. [Abstract]
REVIEW OF BOOKS. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25 page 415-416.
REVIEW OF BOOKS. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25 page 416.

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