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Articles of 2013 . nº 4 .

Smoking habit profile and health-related quality of life. Elisardo Becoña, Mª Isabel Vázquez, Mª del Carmen Míguez, Elena Fernández del Río, Ana López-Durán, Úrsula Martínez and Bárbara Piñeiro. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 421-426. [Abstract]
Diagnostic agreement between the Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire-4+ (PDQ-4+) and its Clinical Significance Scale. Natalia Calvo, Fernando Gutiérrez and Miguel Casas,. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 427-432. [Abstract]
Relationship between drug use and psychopathological variables of risk in university students. José Manuel García Montes, Flor Zaldívar Basurto, Margarita Moreno Montoya and Pilar Flores Cubos. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 433-439. [Abstract]
Theory of mind and language comprehension in schizophrenia. José M. Gavilán Ibáñez and José E. García-Albea Ristol. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 440-445. [Abstract]
Identification of degrees of anxiety in children with three- and five-face facial scales. Juan Manuel Ortigosa Quiles, Gloria García-Banda García, Karin Chellew, Esperança Ponsell Vicens, Antonio Riquelme Marín and María Pilar Nicolás Carrasco. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 446-451. [Abstract]
Neuropsychological syndromes in multiple sclerosis. Mª José Gil Moreno, Marta Cerezo García, Raluca Marasescu, Ana Pinel González, Laudino López Álvarez and Yolanda Aladro Benito. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 452-460. [Abstract]
Sexual metabolic differences in the rat limbic brain. Natalia Arias, Javier Morán, Nélida Conejo and Jorge L. Arias. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 461-467. [Abstract]
Development of different spatial frames of reference for orientation in small-scale environments. Enrique Moraleda, Cristina Broglio, Fernando Rodríguez and Antonia Gómez. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 468-475. [Abstract]
Phonological recovery in Spanish developmental dyslexics through the tip-of-the-tongue paradigm. Paz Suárez-Coalla, Aida Collazo Alonso and María González-Nosti. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 476-481. [Abstract]
Psychologists and child psychological maltreatment severity assessment. Ignacia Arruabarrena, Joaquín De Paúl, Silvia Indias and María Ullate. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 482-487. [Abstract]
Prevalence and risk factors of burnout syndrome among Spanish police officers. Emilia I. De la Fuente Solana, Raimundo Aguayo Extremera, Cristina Vargas Pecino and Gustavo R. Cañadas de la Fuente. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 488-493. [Abstract]
Distortions and gender-related differences in the perception of mechanical engineering in high school students. Pere Joan Ferrando Piera, Mar Gutiérrez-Colón Plana, Paloma Paleo Cageao, Silvia de la Flor López and Francesc Ferrando Piera. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 494-499. [Abstract]
Using the R-MAPE index as a resistant measure of forecast accuracy. Juan José Montaño Moreno, Alfonso Palmer Pol, Albert Sesé Abad and Berta Cajal Blasco. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 500-506. [Abstract]
The role of gender identity in adolescents’ antisocial behavior. Vanesa Moreira Trillo and Lourdes Mirón Redondo. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 507-513. [Abstract]
Comparison of self-reported attachment in young adults from Spain and the United States. Tamara Sheinbaum, Erika Bedoya, Thomas R. Kwapil and Neus Barrantes-Vidal,. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 514-519. [Abstract]
Multilevel bootstrap analysis with assumptions violated. Guillermo Vallejo Seco, Manuel Ato García, María Paula Fernández García and Pablo Esteban Livacic Rojas. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 520-528. [Abstract]
Spanish adaptation of the Expectancy Questionnaire (EQ) about alcohol effects in adolescents. Laura Camacho, Laura Mezquita, Manuel Ignacio Ibáñez, Jorge Moya, Helena Villa, Ana María Viruelaand Generós Ortet. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 529-535. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of the Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS) in a community sample of couples. María Luisa Cuenca Montesino, José Luis Graña Gómez, María Elena Peña Fernández and José Manuel Andreu Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 536-541. [Abstract]
Psychometrical properties of the "How I Think" Questionnaire (HIT-Q) in adolescents. María Elena Peña Fernández, José Manuel Andreu Rodríguez, Álvaro Barriga and John Gibbs. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 542-548. [Abstract]
Validation of the English version of the Five-Factor Self-Concept Questionnaire. Fernando García, Enrique Gracia and Alina Zeleznova. Psicothema, 2013, Vol. 25, page 549-555. [Abstract]

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