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Articles of 2014 . nº 3 .

Person-based contextual therapy applied to a complex case of schizophrenia. Óscar Vallina Fernández, Marino Pérez Álvarez, Purificación Fernández Iglesias, Cristina Soto Balbuena, Salvador Perona Garcelán and José Manuel García Montes. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 299-307. [Abstract]
The Spanish version of the Believability of Anxious Feelings and Thoughts Questionnaire. Francisco J. Ruiz, Paula Odriozola-González and Juan C. Suárez-Falcón. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 308-313. [Abstract]
The influence of the parents’ educational level and participants’ age in the derivation of equivalence-equivalence. Andrés García García, Álvaro Viúdez González and Jaclyn Gayle Lefkowitz. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 314-320. [Abstract]
Spanish validation of the Family Questionnaire (FQ) in families of patients with an eating disorder. Ana R. Sepúlveda, Dimitra Anastasiadou, Laura Rodríguez, Carmen Almendros, Patricia Andrés, Francisco Vaz and Montserrat Graell. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 321-327. [Abstract]
Impact of family language and testing language on reading performance in a bilingual educational context. Paula Elosua Oliden and Josu Mujika Lizaso. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 328-335. [Abstract]
Prediction of human adaptation and performance in underwater environments. Joaquín Colodro Plaza, Enrique J. Garcés de los Fayos Ruiz, Juan J. López García and Lucía Colodro Conde. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 336-342. [Abstract]
Prevalence of psychological and physical intimate partner aggression in Madrid (Spain): A dyadic analysis. José Luis Graña Gómez and María Luisa Cuenca Montesino. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 343-348. [Abstract]
Usefulness of the Bayley scales of infant and toddler development,third edition, in the early diagnosis of language disorder. Montserrat Torras-Mañá, Montserrat Guillamón-Valenzuela, Ariadna Ramírez-Mallafré, Carme Brun-Gasca, and Albert Fornieles-Deu. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 349-356. [Abstract]
Assessment and detection of peer-bullying through analysis of the group context. Javier Martín Babarro. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 357-363. [Abstract]
Validity of the DSM-Oriented Scales of the Child Behavior Checklist and Youth Self-Report. Montserrat Lacalle Sisteré, Josep Mª Domènech Massons, Roser Granero Pérez and Lourdes Ezpeleta Ascaso. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 364-371. [Abstract]
Application of cognitive diagnosis models to competency-based situational judgment tests. Pablo Eduardo García, Julio Olea and Jimmy De la Torre. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 372-377. [Abstract]
Improving basic math skills through integrated dynamic representation strategies. Paloma González-Castro, Marisol Cueli, Lourdes Cabeza, David Álvarez-García and Celestino Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 378-384. [Abstract]
The effects of question-generation training on metacognitive knowledge, self regulation and learning approaches in Science. Francisco Cano García, Ángela García, A.B.G. Berbén, M.C. Pichardo and Fernando Justicia. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 385-390. [Abstract]
Sample size planning for multiple correlation: reply to Shieh (2013). Douglas Bonett and Thomas Wright. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 391-394. [Abstract]
Exploratory factor analysis in validation studies: Uses and recommendations. Isabel Izquierdo, Julio Olea and Francisco José Abad. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 395-400. [Abstract]
Factor structure and measurement invariance of the Difficulties Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) in Spanish adolescents. Isabel Gómez-Simón, Eva Penelo and Nuria de la Osa. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 401-408. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Controlling Coach Behaviors Scale in the sport context. Isabel Castillo, Inés Tomás, Nikos Ntoumanis, Kimberley Bartholomew, Joan L. Duda and Isabel Balaguer. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 409-414. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Experiencing of Self Scale (EOSS) for assessment in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy. Luis Valero-Aguayo, Rafael Ferro-García, Miguel Ángel López-Bermúdez and María de los Ángeles Selva-López de Huralde. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 415-422. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of the Spanish Adaptation of the School Attitude Assessment Survey-Revised. Pablo Miñano Pérez, Juan Luis Castejón Costa and Raquel Gilar Corbí. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, page 423-430. [Abstract]

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