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Articles of 2015 . nº 1 .

Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of school substance abuse prevention programs in Spain. José P. Espada, María T. Gonzálvez, Mireia Orgilés, Daniel Lloret and Alejandro Guillén-Riquelme. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 5-12. [Abstract]
Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT) as a third-wave therapy. Jorge Barraca Mairal. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 13-18. [Abstract]
Interpretation, emotional reactions and daily life implications of hallucination-like experiences in clinical and nonclinical populations. Álvaro I. Langer, Giovanni Stanghellini, Adolfo J. Cangas, Paul H. Lysaker, Luz Nieto-Muñoz, Juan A. Moriana, María L. Barrigón and Alessandra Ambrosini. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 19-25. [Abstract]
Is there a deficit in recognition in old age?. Trinidad Ruiz Gallego-Largo, Aurora G. Suengas, Teresa Simón and Noelia Pastor. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 26-31. [Abstract]
Normative scores of the Cambridge Cognitive Examination-Revised in healthy Spanish population. Arturo X. Pereiro, Sonia Ramos-Lema, Onésimo Juncos-Rabadán, David Facal and Cristina Lojo-Seoane. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 32-39. [Abstract]
The influence of verbal mood in exceptive conditional reasoning: Indicative versus subjunctive. Orlando Espino, Rafael Rodríguez, David Oliva and Isana Sánchez Curbelo. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 40-44. [Abstract]
Effects of Cyberprogram 2.0 on "face-to-face" bullying, cyberbullying, and empathy. Maite Garaigordobil and Vanesa Martínez-Valderrey. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 45-51. [Abstract]
Personal self-concept and satisfaction with life in adolescence, youth and adulthood. Eider Goñi Palacios, Igor Esnaola Echaniz, Arantzazu Rodríguez Fernández and Igor Camino Ortiz de Barrón. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 52-58. [Abstract]
Authentic leadership, group cohesion and group identification in security and emergency teams. Carlos García-Guiu López, Fernando Molero Alonso, Miguel Moya Morales and Juan Antonio Moriano León. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 59-64. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of place attachment scale for youth in residential care. Eunice Magalhães and Maria Manuela Calheiros. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 65-73. [Abstract]
Spanish adaptation of the Green Paranoid Thought Scales. Inmaculada Ibáñez-Casas, Pedro Femia-Marzo, José-Luis Padilla, Catherine E. L. Green, Enrique de Portugal, and Jorge A. Cervilla,. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 74-81. [Abstract]
Spanish version of the Children’s Ecological Behavior (CEB) scale. Silvia Collado, José A. Corraliza, Miguel A. Sorrel and Gary W. Evans. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 26, page 82-87. [Abstract]

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