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Articles of 2015 . nº 3 .

The effects of ageing on self-reported aggression measures are partly explained by response bias. Andreu Vigil-Colet, Urbano Lorenzo-Seva and Fabia Morales-Vives. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 209-2015. [Abstract]
Cognitive decline before the age of 50 can be detected with sensitive cognitive measures. Daniel Ferreira, Rut Correia, Antonieta Nieto, Alejandra Machado, Yaiza Molina and José Barroso. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 216-222. [Abstract]
Prevalence and functions of non-suicidal self-injury in Spanish adolescents. Esther Calvete, Izaskun Orue, Leire Aizpuru and Hardin Brotherton. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 223-228. [Abstract]
The influence of cochlear implants on behaviour problems in deaf children. Mª Salud Jiménez-Romero. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 229-234. [Abstract]
Neurophysiological indicators of emotional processing in youth psychopathy. Lucía Halty Barrutieta and María Prieto-Ursúa. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 235-240. [Abstract]
Feelings of ease and attitudes toward healthy foods. Blanca Requero, Ana Cancela, David Santos, Darío Díaz and Pablo Briñol. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 241-246. [Abstract]
The eudaimonic component of satisfaction with life and psychological well-being in Spanish cultures. Darío Díaz, Maria Stavraki, Amalio Blanco and Beatriz Gandarillas. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 247-253. [Abstract]
Obsessive-compulsive disorder and its relationship with disgust vulnerability and conscientiousness. Felix Inchausti, Ana R. Delgado and Gerardo Prieto. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 254-260. [Abstract]
Adaptation and validation in Spanish of the Group Environment Questionnaire (GEQ) with professional football players. Francisco Miguel Leo, Inmaculada González-Ponce, David Sánchez-Oliva, Juan José Pulido and Tomás García-Calvo. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 261-268. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of the Somatic Complaints Scale in Spanish children and adults. Ana Belén Górriz Plumed, Vicente Javier Prado-Gascó, Lidón Villanueva Badenes and Remedios González Barrón. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 269-276. [Abstract]
Associative learning with and without perceptual awareness. José Luis Marcos Malmierca. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 277-282. [Abstract]
Guidelines for reporting evaluations based on observational methodology. Mariona Portell, M. Teresa Anguera, Salvador Chacón-Moscoso, and Susana Sanduvete-Chaves. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 283-289. [Abstract]
Interpretation of the p value: A national survey study in academic psychologists from Spain. Laura Badenes-Ribera, Dolores Frías-Navarro, Héctor Monterde-i-Bort and Marcos Pascual-Soler. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 290-295. [Abstract]
Partial scalar invariance and observed differences across gender in a reasoning test battery. Paula Elosua and Josu Mujika. Psicothema, 2015, Vol. 27, page 296-302. [Abstract]

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