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Articles of 2016 . nº 1 .

How do Scrabble players encode letter position during reading?. Manuel Perea, Ana Marcet and Pablo Gómez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 7-12. [Abstract]
Self-deception as a mechanism for the maintenance of drug addiction. José Miguel Martínez-González, Raquel Vilar López, Elisardo Becoña Iglesias and Antonio Verdejo-García. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 13-19. [Abstract]
Medication and creativity in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Gracia González-Carpio Hernández and Juan Pedro Serrano Selva. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 20-25. [Abstract]
Connectivity of BA46 involvement in the executive control of language. Alfredo Ardila, Byron Bernal and Monica Rosselli. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 26-31. [Abstract]
Influence of social motivation, self-perception of social efficacy and normative adjustment in the peer setting. Mauricio Herrera López, Eva M. Romera Félix, Rosario Ortega Ruiz and Olga Gómez Ortiz. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 32-39. [Abstract]
Intervention in reading processes in pupils with Specific Language Impairment (SLI). Víctor M. Acosta Rodríguez, Gustavo M. Ramírez Santana, Nayarit del Valle Hernández and Laura de Castro Bermúdez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 40-46. [Abstract]
Mortality salience, political orientation and minimization of terrorists’ secondary emotions. Raúl Piñuela Sánchez and Carlos Yela García. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 47-52. [Abstract]
Infrahumanization in children: An evaluation of 70 terms relating to humanity. Verónica Betancor Rodríguez, Alexandra Chas Villar, Armando Rodríguez-Pérez and Naira Delgado Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 53-58. [Abstract]
Coping, rumination and posttraumatic growth in people affected by an earthquake. Felipe E. García, Félix Cova, Paulina Rincón, Carmelo Vázquez and Darío Páez,. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 59-65. [Abstract]
Importance of self-efficacy in psychoendocrine responses to competition and performance in women. Raquel Costa, Miguel A. Serrano and Alicia Salvador. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 66-70. [Abstract]
Applicability of dual-route reading models to Spanish. Alfredo Ardila and Fernando Cuetos. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 71-75. [Abstract]
Traditional scores versus IRT estimates on forced-choice tests based on a dominance model. Pedro M. Hontangas, Iwin Leenen, Jimmy de la Torre, Vicente Ponsoda, Daniel Morillo and Francisco J. Abad. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 76-82. [Abstract]
A comparison of discriminant logistic regression and Item Response Theory Likelihood-Ratio Tests for Differential Item Functioning(IRTLRDIF) in polytomous short tests. María Dolores Hidalgo, María Dolores López-Martínez, Juana Gómez-Benito and Georgina Guilera. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 83-88. [Abstract]
Psychometric properties of the reading comprehension test ECOMPLEC.Sec. Ricardo Olmos Albacete, José Antonio León Cascón, Lorena Alicia Martín Arnal, José David Moreno Pérez, Inmaculada Escudero Domínguez and Fernando Sánchez Sánchez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 89-95. [Abstract]
Validity and reliability of the Spanish version of the Displaced Aggression Questionnaire. Esperanza García-Sancho, J. Martín Salguero, Eduardo A. Vasquez and Pablo Fernández-Berrocal. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 96-101. [Abstract]

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