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Articles of 2016 . nº 3 .

Outcome of cognitive-behavioral therapy for relatives of people with severe mental disorders. Rocío Polo-López, Karmele Salaberria, María Soledad Cruz-Sáez and Enrique Echeburua. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 227-234. [Abstract]
Perceived stress related to methadone withdrawal. Amparo Carreras Alabau, José Antonio Carrobles Isabel and Carmen Almendros Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 235-240. [Abstract]
Premature termination of psychological treatment for anxiety disorders in a clinical setting. Ignacio Fernández-Arias, Gloria García-Fernández, Mónica Bernaldo-de-Quirós, Francisco José Estupiñá Puig, Francisco Javier Labrador Encinas and Marta Labrador-Méndez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 241-246. [Abstract]
Early alcohol use and psychopathological symptoms in university students. Carina Carbia, Montserrat Corral, Luis Miguel García-Moreno, Fernando Cadaveira and Francisco Caamaño-Isorna. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 247-252. [Abstract]
Information sources used by high school students in the college degree choice. Débora Areces, Luis J. Rodríguez Muñiz, Javier Suárez Álvarez, Yolanda de la Roca and Marisol Cueli. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 253-259. [Abstract]
Assessment of different components of executive function in grief. Manuel Fernández-Alcántara, Miguel Pérez-García, Mª Nieves Pérez-Marfil, Andrés Catena-Martínez, César Hueso-Montoro and Francisco Cruz-Quintana. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 260-265. [Abstract]
On the contribution of psychological flexibility to predict adjustment to breast cancer. Carmen Berrocal Montiel, Teresa Rivas Moya, Francesca Venditti and Olivia Bernini. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 266-271. [Abstract]
Older volunteers’ intention to remain in service in nonprofit organisations. Elvira Medina Ruiz, Gustavo Marcos-Matás and Manuel Enrique Medina Tornero. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 272-277. [Abstract]
Personality disorders and smoking in Spanish general and clinical population. Elena Fernández del Río, Ana López-Durán, Úrsula Martínez and Elisardo Becoña. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 278-283. [Abstract]
The three-year developmental trajectory of anxiety symptoms in non-clinical early adolescents. Núria Voltas, Carmen Hernández-Martínez, Victoria Arija and Josefa Canals. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 284-290. [Abstract]
Narrative competence in Spanish-speaking adults with Williams syndrome. Eliseo Diez-Itza, Verónica Martínez and Aránzazu Antón. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 291-297. [Abstract]
Effectiveness of Brief Systemic Therapy versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in routine clinical practice. Carles Barcons, Oriol Cunillera, Vanesa Miquel, Irene Ardèvol and Mark Beyebach. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 298-303. [Abstract]
Effectiveness of Manualised Interpersonal Problem-Solving Skills Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Saray Bonete, Clara Molinero, Sara Mata, Mª Dolores Calero and Mª del Mar Gómez-Pérez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 304-310. [Abstract]
Do they feel the same as us? The infrahumanization of individuals with Down syndrome. Verónica Betancor Rodríguez, Eva Ariño Mateo, Armando Rodríguez-Pérez and Naira Delgado Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 311-317. [Abstract]
Drug use in adolescents in relation to social support and reactive and proactive aggressive behavior. José Jesús Gázquez, Mª del Carmen Pérez-Fuentes, Mª del Mar Molero, Ana B. Barragán Martín, África Martos Martínez and Cristina Sánchez-Marchán. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 318-322. [Abstract]
Characteristics of Empathy in young people measured by the Spanish validation of the Basic Empathy Scale. Manuel Villadangos, José Errasti, Isaac Amigo, Darrick Jolliffe and Eduardo García-Cueto. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 323-329. [Abstract]
Power analysis to detect treatment effect in longitudinal studies with heterogeneous errors and incomplete data. Guillermo Vallejo, Manuel Ato, Paula Fernández García, Pablo E. Livacic Rojas and Ellián Tuero Herrero. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 330-339. [Abstract]
Generalized eta squared for multiple comparisons on between-groups designs. María Eva Trigo Sánchez and Rafael Jesús Martínez Cervantes. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 340-345. [Abstract]
A multistage adaptive test of fluid intelligence. Manuel Martín-Fernández, Vicente Ponsoda, Julio Olea, Pei-Chun Shih and Javier Revuelta. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 346-352. [Abstract]
Factorial invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale in adolescents from Spain and Portugal. Francisco L. Atienza González, Isabel Balaguer Solá, Nuno Corte-Real and António M. Fonseca. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 353-358. [Abstract]

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