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Articles of 2016 . nº 4 .

Cue-exposure software for the treatment of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. José Gutiérrez-Maldonado, Joana Pla-Sanjuanelo and Marta Ferrer-García. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 363-369. [Abstract]
Prevalence of strategies for coping with daily stress in children. Francisco Manuel Morales Rodríguez, María Victoria Trianes Torres, Jesús Miranda Páez and Cándido J. Inglés. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 370-376. [Abstract]
Negative affect, perceived health, and endocrine and immunological levels in caregivers of offspring with schizophrenia. Sara De Andrés-García, Irene Cano-López, Luis Moya-Albiol and Esperanza González-Bono. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 377-382. [Abstract]
Emotion awareness, mood and personality as predictors of somatic complaints in children and adults. Lidón Villanueva Badenes, Vicente Prado-Gascó and Remedios González Barrón. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 383-388. [Abstract]
Stress in Spanish police force depending on occupational rank, sex, age and work-shift. Lourdes Luceño-Moreno, Yolanda García-Albuerne, Beatriz Talavera-Velasco and Jesús Martín-García. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 389-393. [Abstract]
Bio-psycho-social correlates of the perceived crowding in different contexts. Rafael Tomás, María Amérigo and Juan A. García. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 394-400. [Abstract]
A predictive study of antecedent variables of workaholism. María José Serrano-Fernández, Joan Boada-Grau, Carme Gil-Ripoll and Andreu Vigil-Colet. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 401-406. [Abstract]
Gender differences in mental health during the economic crisis. Margalida Gili, Emilio López-Navarro, Adoración Castro, Clara Homar, Capilla Navarro, Mauro García-Toro, Javier García-Campayo and Miquel Roca. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 407-413. [Abstract]
Testing the alleged superiority of the indulgent parenting style among Spanish adolescents. Alfonso Osorio and Marta González-Cámara. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 414-420. [Abstract]
Alcohol seeking by rats becomes habitual after prolonged training. Matías López, Alberto Soto and Stefana Bura. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 421-427. [Abstract]
Psychopathic traits mediate the effects of neighbourhood risk on juvenile antisocial behaviour. Olalla Cutrín Mosteiro, José Antonio Gómez-Fraguela, Lorena Maneiro Boo, Jorge Sobral Fernández and María Ángeles Luengo Martín. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 428-434. [Abstract]
Do dichromats see colours in this way? Assessing simulation tools without colorimetric measurements. Julio Antonio Lillo Jover, Leticia Álvaro Llorente, Humberto Moreira Villegas and Anna Melnikova. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 435-441. [Abstract]
Stevia preferences in Wistar rats. Paula Núñez Martínez, Juan Argüelles Luis and Carmen Perillán Méndez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 442-447. [Abstract]
Knowledge level of effect size statistics, confidence intervals and meta-analysis in Spanish academic psychologists. Laura Badenes-Ribera, Dolores Frias-Navarro, Marcos Pascual-Soler and Héctor Monterde-i-Bort. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 448-456. [Abstract]
Adherence to healthy diet and physical activity in clinical patients. Rubén Martín-Payo, Javier Suárez-Álvarez, María Eulalia Amieva Fernández , María José Duaso and Estela Álvarez Gómez. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 457-464. [Abstract]
How response bias affects the factorial structure of personality self-reports. David Navarro-González, Urbano Lorenzo-Seva and Andreu Vigil-Colet. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 465-470. [Abstract]
A computerized adaptive test for enterprising personality assessment in youth. Ignacio Pedrosa, Javier Suárez-Álvarez, Eduardo García-Cueto and José Muñiz. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 471-478. [Abstract]
Coping assessment from the perspective of the person-situation interaction: Development and validation of the Situated Coping Questionnaire for Adults (SCQA). Jesús Alonso-Tapia, Rocío Rodríguez-Rey, Helena Garrido-Hernansaiz, Miguel Ruiz and Carmen Nieto. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 479-486. [Abstract]
Spanish adaptation of social withdrawal motivation and frequency scales. Sílvia Indias García and Joaquín De Paúl Ochotorena. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 487-494. [Abstract]
The factor structure of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory in parents of critically ill children. Rocío Rodríguez-Rey, Jesús Alonso-Tapia, Nancy Kassam-Adams and Helena Garrido-Hernansaiz. Psicothema, 2016, Vol. 28, page 495-503. [Abstract]

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