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Articles of 2017 . nº 2 .

Deception detection: State of the art and future prospects. Jaume Masip. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 149-159. [Abstract]
Personal and macro-systemic factors as predictors of quality of life in chronic schizophrenia. Yolanda Fontanil Gómez, María Ángeles Alcedo Rodríguez and María Isabel Gutiérrez López. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 160-165. [Abstract]
Are unwanted mental intrusions a transdiagnostic variable?. Belén Pascual-Vera, María Roncero Sanchís and Amparo Belloch Fuster. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 166-171. [Abstract]
Behavioral activation versus cognitive restructuring to reduce automatic negative thoughts in anxiety generating situations. Elvira Nieto Fernández and Jorge Barraca Mairal. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 172-177. [Abstract]
Sex, gender roles and sexual attitudes in university students. Elena García-Vega, Rosana Rico and Paula Fernández. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 178-183. [Abstract]
An explanatory model of maths achievement:Perceived parental involvement and academic motivation. Susana Rodríguez, Isabel Piñeiro, Mª Luisa Gómez-Taibo, Bibiana Regueiro, Iris Estévez and Antonio Valle. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 184-190. [Abstract]
Alcohol and psychotropic substance use in female Spanish victims of intimate partner violence. María Crespo, Carmen Soberón, Violeta Fernández-Lansac and M. Mar Gómez-Gutiérrez. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 191-196. [Abstract]
Depression and aggressive behaviour in adolescents offenders and non-offenders. Anna Llorca Mestre, Elisabeth Malonda Vidal and Paula Samper García. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 197-203. [Abstract]
Factors which motivate the use of social networks by students. Mercedes González Sanmamed, Pablo César Muñoz Carril and Isabel Dans Álvarez de Sotomayor. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 204-210. [Abstract]
Exploration of glycaemic states in children with type 1 diabetes. Genoveva Granados Gámez and Verónica V. Márquez Hernández. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 211-216. [Abstract]
Bullying and the detrimental role of un-forgiveness in adolescents’ wellbeing. Barbara Barcaccia, Barry Howard Schneider, Susanna Pallini and Roberto Baiocco. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 217-222. [Abstract]
Does dual-task coordination performance decline in later life?. María Victoria Sebastián and Roberto Mediavilla. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 223-228. [Abstract]
The utility of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)for the analysis of binge drinking in university students. María Teresa Cortés Tomás, José Antonio Giménez Costa, Patricia Motos-Sellés, María Dolores Sancerni Beitia and Fernando Cadaveira Mahía. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 229-235. [Abstract]
Program FACTOR at 10: Origins, development and future directions. Pere Joan Ferrando and Urbano Lorenzo-Seva. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 236-240. [Abstract]
The Acceptance of Dating Violence scale (ADV): Psychometric properties of the Spanish version. Liria Fernández-González, Esther Calvete and Izaskun Orue. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 241-246. [Abstract]
New validity evidence of the Parent PARQ/Control scale of Parental Educational Styles. Omar García-Pérez, Mercedes Inda-Caro and Susana Torío-López. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 247-253. [Abstract]
The short form of the VIA Inventory of Strengths. Carolina M. Azañedo, Enrique G. Fernández-Abascal and Jorge Barraca. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 254-260. [Abstract]
An exploratory sequential design to validate measures of moral emotions. Margarita G. Márquez and Ana R. Delgado. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 261-267. [Abstract]
Development and validation of the Work Conflict Appraisal Scale (WCAS). Pilar González-Navarro, Lucía Llinares-Insa, Rosario Zurriaga-Llorens and Susana Lloret-Segura. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 268-274. [Abstract]
Validity and reliability of the Spanish version of the Somatoform Dissociation Questionnaire (SDQ-20). Ana Isabel González-Vázquez, Lucía del Río-Casanova, Natalia Seijo-Ameneiros, Paloma Cabaleiro-Fernández, Teresa Seoane-Pillado, Ania Justo-Alonso and Miguel Ángel Santed-Germán. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29, page 275-280. [Abstract]
REVIEW OF BOOKS. Psicothema, 2017, Vol. 29 page 281-283.

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