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Articles of 2018 . nº 1 .

The Psychoexposome: A holistic perspective beyond health and disease. María-Teresa Colomina, Fernando Sánchez-Santed, Nélida M. Conejo, Paloma Collado, Alicia Salvador, Milagros Gallo, Helena Pinos, Cosme Salas, José Francisco Navarro8, Ana Adán9, Arantza Azpiroz 0, and Jorge L. Arias. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 5-7. [Abstract]
Diminished emotional expression in schizophrenia: an interdisciplinary approach based on behavioral interventions. David González-Pando, Fernando Alonso-Pérez, Patricio Suárez-Gil, José Manuel García-Montes,and Marino Pérez-Álvarez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 8-13. [Abstract]
Treating anxiety and depression of cancer survivors: Behavioral activation versus acceptance and commitment therapy. Sonia González-Fernández, Concepción Fernández-Rodríguez, María Dolores Paz-Caballero, and Marino Pérez-Álvarez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 14-20. [Abstract]
Peer counselling versus role-playing: Two training methods of therapeutic skills in clinical psychology. José Ruiz Rodríguez, Arturo Bados López, Adela Fusté Escolano, Eugeni García-Grau, Carmina Saldaña García, Gemma Balaguer Fort, Teresa Lluch, and Mar Arcos Pros. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 21-26. [Abstract]
Health-related quality of life among smoking relapsers. M. Carmen Míguez, Ana López-Durán, Carmela Martínez-Vispo, Elena Fernández del Río, Úrsula Martínez, Rubén Rodríguez-Cano, and Elisardo Becoña. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 27-32. [Abstract]
Are previous suicide attempts a risk factor for completed suicide?. Adriana Goñi-Sarriés, Miriam Blanco, Leire Azcárate, Rubén Peinado, and José J. López-Goñi. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 33-38. [Abstract]
Psychoeducational assessment of students with intellectual disability: professional-action framework analysis. Antonio Manuel Amor González, Miguel Ángel Verdugo Alonso, María Isabel Calvo Álvarez, Patricia Navas Macho, and Virginia Aguayo Romero. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 39-45. [Abstract]
Understanding olympic champions and their achievement goal orientation, dominance and pursuit and motivational regulations: A case study. Javier Fernández-Río, José A. Cecchini, Antonio Méndez-Giménez, Nicolás Terrados, and Miguel García. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 46-52. [Abstract]
Defensive pessimism, self-esteem and achievement goals: A person-centered approach. María del Mar Ferradás Canedo, Carlos Freire Rodríguez, Bibiana Regueiro Fernández, and Antonio Valle Arias. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 53-58. [Abstract]
Dimensions of parenting styles, social climate, and bullying victims in primary and secondary education. Fuensanta Cerezo, Cecilia Ruiz-Esteban, Consuelo Sánchez Lacasa, and Julián Jesús Arense Gonzalo. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 59-65. [Abstract]
Aggressive behavior in adolescence as a predictor of personal, family, and school adjustment problems. Estefanía Estévez Teresa I. Jiménez, and David Moreno. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 66-73. [Abstract]
Evidence supporting need satisfaction and frustration as two distinguishable constructs. Ylenio Longo, Manuel Alcaraz-Ibáñez, and Alvaro Sicilia. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 74-81. [Abstract]
Moral emotions associated with prosocial and antisocial behavior in school-aged children. María José Ortiz Barón, Itziar Etxebarria Bilbao, Pedro Apodaca Urquijo, Susana Conejero López, and Aitzibert Pascual Jimeno. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 82-88. [Abstract]
The effects of work engagement and self-efficacy on personal initiative and performance. Ana Lisbona, Francisco Palaci, Marisa Salanova, and Michael Frese. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 89-96. [Abstract]
Empathy by default: Correlates in the brain at rest. Patrícia Oliveira Silva, Liliana Maia, Joana Coutinho, Brandon Frank, José Miguel Soares, Adriana Sampaio, and Óscar Gonçalves,. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 97-103. [Abstract]
Differential Item Functioning: Beyond validity evidence based on internal structure. Juana Gómez-Benito, Stephen Sireci, José-Luis Padilla, M. Dolores Hidalgo, and Isabel Benítez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 104-109. [Abstract]
Deciding on Null Hypotheses using P-values or Bayesian alternatives: A simulation study. Ana María Ruiz-Ruano García and Jorge López Puga. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 110-115. [Abstract]
Development and validation of a questionnaire for assessing the characteristics of diet and physical activity in patients with type 2 diabetes. Rubén Martín Payo, Xana González Méndez, Cristina Papín Cano, and Javier Suárez Alvarez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 116-122. [Abstract]
Adaptation of the Test of Performance Strategies Competition Subscale to Spanish. David Tomé Lourido, Constantino Arce, and Dolores Ponte. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 123-129. [Abstract]
Validation of the Child PTSD Symptom Scale (CPSS) in Spanish adolescents. Elena R. Serrano-Ibáñez, Gema T. Ruiz-Párraga, Rosa Esteve, Carmen Ramírez-Maestre,and Alicia E. López-Martínez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 130-135. [Abstract]
The Spanish version of the Job Crafting Scale. Arnold B. Bakker, Pilar Ficapal-Cusí, Joan Torrent-Sellens, Joan Boada-Grau, and Pedro M. Hontangas-Beltrán. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 136-142. [Abstract]

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