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Articles of 2018 . nº 2 .

OBITUARIO. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30 page 245-246.

Using reversed items in Likert scales: A questionable practice. Javier Suárez-Alvarez, Ignacio Pedrosa, Luis M. Lozano, Eduardo García-Cueto, Marcelino Cuesta and José Muñiz. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 149-158. [Abstract]
Is intelligence equivalent to executive functions?. Alfredo Ardila. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 159-164. [Abstract]
Mindfulness-based stress reduction in adolescents with mental disorders: A randomised clinical trial. Mª Carmen Díaz-González, Carolina Pérez Dueñas, Araceli Sánchez-Raya, Juan Antonio Moriana Elvira, and Vicente Sánchez Vázquez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 165-170. [Abstract]
Psychophysiological response to social stressors: Relevance of sex and age. Matias M. Pulopulos, , Vanesa Hidalgo, , Sara Puig-Pérez, and Alicia Salvador. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 171-176. [Abstract]
Well-being in schizotypy: The effect of subclinical psychotic experiences. Ascensión Fumero, Rosario J. Marrero and Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 177-182. [Abstract]
Victimisation through bullying and cyberbullying: Emotional intelligence, severity of victimisation and technology use in different types of victims. María Beltrán-Catalán, Izabela Zych, Rosario Ortega-Ruiz and Vicente J. Llorent. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 183-188. [Abstract]
Agreement on reporting acts of aggression in couples in a community sample. María Luisa Cuenca Montesino and José Luis Graña Gómez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 189-194. [Abstract]
Problematic Internet use, maladaptive future time perspective and school context. María José Díaz-Aguado, Javier Martín-Babarro and Laia Falcón. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 195-200. [Abstract]
Adolescents’ sensitivity to children’s supernatural thinking: A preparation for parenthood?. Carlos Hernández Blasi and David F. Bjorklund. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 201-206. [Abstract]
They do not suffer like us: The differential attribution of social pain as a dehumanization criterion in children. Alexandra Chas Villar, Verónica Betancor Rodríguez, Naira Delgado Rodríguez and Armando Rodríguez Pérez. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 207-211. [Abstract]
Do cooperative learning and family involvement improve variables linked to academic performance?. Miguel A. Santos Rego, María José Ferraces Otero, Agustín Godas Otero and María del Mar Lorenzo Moledo. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 212-217. [Abstract]
Teaching quality: High school students’ autonomy and competence. Jaime León, Elena Medina-Garrido and Miriam Ortega. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 218-223. [Abstract]
Development and validation of the Relaxation-Mindfulness Scale for Adolescents (EREMIND-A). Luis López-González, Alberto Amutio, Xavier Oriol, José Jesús Gázquez, Mª del Carmen Pérez-Fuentes and Mª del Mar Molero. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 224-231. [Abstract]
Factorial invariance and norms of the 30-item shortened-version of the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS-30). David Pineda, María Martín-Vivar, Bonifacio Sandín and José Antonio Piqueras. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 232-237. [Abstract]
Assessing self-determination in youth with and without disabilities: The Spanish version of the AIR self-determination scale. Cristina Mumbardó-Adam, Joan Guàrdia-Olmos and Climent Giné. Psicothema, 2018, Vol. 30, page 238-243. [Abstract]

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