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Listado de Artículos del Año 2014 . nº 4 .

Failure to find symmetry in pigeons after multiple exemplar training. Jesús Gómez Bujedo, Andrés García García and Vicente Pérez Fernández. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 435-441. [Resumen]
Comparison of reading-writing patterns and performance of students with and without reading difficulties. Raquel Fidalgo, Mark Torrance, Olga Arias-Gundín and Begoña Martínez-Cocó. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 442-448. [Resumen]
Independent effects of imageability and grammatical class in synonym judgement in aphasia. Catherine Dubé, Laura Monetta, María Macarena Martínez-Cuitiño and Maximiliano A. Wilson. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 449-456. [Resumen]
False recognition production indexes in forward associative strength (FAS) lists with three critical words. María Soledad Beato and Jason Arndt. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 457-463. [Resumen]
Effect of an intervention program on the reading comprehension processes and strategies in 5th and 6th grade students. Elena Gayo, Manuel Deaño, Ángeles Conde, Iolanda Ribeiro, Irene Cadime and Sonia Alfonso. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 464-470. [Resumen]
Influence of the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and comorbid disorders on functioning in adulthood. Ana Miranda, Carmen Berenguer, Carla Colomer and Rocío Roselló. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 471-476. [Resumen]
Proprioceptive diagnostics in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Tania Iglesias, Liudmila Liutsko and José María Tous. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 477-482. [Resumen]
The contribution of the therapist’s competence in the treatment of adolescents with generalized social phobia. José Olivares, Pablo J. Olivares-Olivares, Ana I. Rosa-Alcázar, Luis Montesinos and Diego Macià. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 483-489. [Resumen]
Suicidal ideation in Spanish and Italian lesbian and gay young adults: The role of internalized sexual stigma. Roberto Baiocco, Salvatore Ioverno, Rita Cerutti, Federica Santamaria, Lilybeth Fontanesi, Vittorio Lingiardi,Emma Baumgartner and Fiorenzo Laghi. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 490-496. [Resumen]
Parenting practices as mediating variables between parents’ psychopathology and oppositional defiant disorder in preschoolers. Esther Trepat, Roser Granero and Lourdes Ezpeleta. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 497-504. [Resumen]
The role of mindfulness in coping with recollections of acute stressors: A laboratory study. Natalia Sylvia Ramos Díaz, Óliver Jiménez Jiménez and Paulo N. Lopes. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 505-510. [Resumen]
Effects of phosphodieastrase type 5 inhibitions on morphine withdrawal symptoms in mice. Minoo Mahmoodi, Siamak Shahidi and Nasrin Hashemi-Firouzi. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 511-515. [Resumen]
Estimating the reliability coefficient of tests in presence of missing values. Marcelino Cuesta Izquierdo and Eduardo Fonseca Pedrero. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 516-523. [Resumen]
Brief Emotional Intelligence Inventory for Senior Citizens (EQ-i-M20). Mª del Carmen Pérez Fuentes, José Jesús Gázquez Linares, Isabel Mercader Rubio and Mª del Mar Molero Jurado. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 524-530. [Resumen]
Internal structure and standardized scores of the Spanish adaptation of the EGRA (Early Grade Reading Assessment) for early reading assessment. Juan E Jiménez, Amber Gove, Luis Crouch and Cristina Rodríguez. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 531-537. [Resumen]
Spanish version of Colquitt’s Organizational Justice Scale. Liliana Díaz-Gracia, Claudio Barbaranelli and Bernardo Moreno-Jiménez. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 538-544. [Resumen]
Enterprising personality profile in youth: Components and assessment. José Muñiz, Javier Suárez-Álvarez, Ignacio Pedrosa, Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero and Eduardo García-Cueto. Psicothema, 2014, Vol. 26, pág. 545-553. [Resumen]


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